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*Kick-Ass WORLD-CHANGING Podcast Offering 4 Internships*

Are you a podcast fan?

What's your favorite podcast?

Do you care about the health & well-being of the planet and all of its inhabitants?

Do you wish to build your resume, college transcript, life experience and, or earn karma points?

Check out any of our previous 31+ episodes at

GreenerViews is growing and we need talented people to help us reach the next level.

Right now there is a terrific opportunity for any of us to make a difference through avenues that were formally controlled exclusively by major radio, television & other media corporations

We are seeking individuals to contribute to the building of a Kick-A** media resource that listeners, sponsors & advertisers are compelled to continually follow, share with others & financially support

Something that is interesting, educational, inspirational, relevant, fun, funny & important!

Something meaningful that people will love and value!

Although they are presently unpaid positions, the next phase of our growth plan includes changing that



Some preferred experience & skill area(s) include:

How to Apply:

Position – Producer

Participate in the effort to ensure all sites, episodes & postings are:

Work directly with all other staff: Create a list of relevant and ideal guests:

Position - Social Media & Website Manager:

Position – Administration Manager

Create and maintain a database of all essential operational matters; specifically yet not limited to:

Position – Marketing & Sales Manager


Sales (Advertising/Sponsorship):

Ambrosia Digital Media LLC
Seattle Natural Awakenings Magazine