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How It Works

Sound Green Events is a unique weekly audio calendar of activities and events that are shift-conscious, educational, healthy, and often fun. Please listen to our first (sample) program HERE.

We are seeking submissions of upcoming indoor/outdoor events and activities that are scheduled to take place in and around the Puget Sound Area. (Look HERE to find a detailed list of the types of activities and events we want to feature.)

Each week we format these submissions into an audio calendar which airs and remains posted on the program site for two full weeks. Along with the listenable/downloadable program, you'll find direct links to facilitate further inquiry and participation.

How does it work?

On Thursdays we'll send out an email for event/activity submissions that we expect to be completed in full and sent back to us by noon the following Monday (i.e. 4 days later - Look HERE to find the blank form). We'll consider these submissions for our audio calendar that will air the following Monday (i.e. one week past the submission deadline). Essentially, you'll be submitting an event/activity that will be taking place between two and four weeks later. This should give Sound Green Events listeners an adequate amount of time to hear the event/activity post, decide about their attendance, and make any related plans/preparations. Remember: Whatever activity/event you submit on Monday will be announced the following Monday and again on the Monday after that; all posts air for two weeks.

The event/activity date(s) must fit exactly within a 14-day period that will be detailed in weekly E-mails. We're expecting a large amount of interest once this gets rolling.

We reserve the right to omit announcements of any event/activity -- if the submission form we received wasn't filled out properly or was returned to us incomplete.

As well, we reserve the right to omit announcements of any event/activity that does not fit the criteria of a "Green Event".

We'll let you know how many events/activity submissions we'll be accepting each week and also how/where/when to properly return the form. We'll include the scheduled air date in our communication.

Please note: We fill our calendar strictly on a "first come, first serve" basis.
We reserve the right to omit announcements of any event/activity that does not fit the criteria of a "Green Event".

In our desire to be fair to others, please note also: Erroneous information, inconsistency, and lack of participation (without valid explanation) will be considered grounds for exclusion from any future postings.

The genesis of this undertaking is made possible by the assistance of a large amount of volunteered time coupled with a minimal amount of financial resources. Knowing that, please expect periodic changes and updates as Sound Green Events audio calendar takes shape and matures.

Best regards and appreciation,

Tom, Randy, Michael & Darryl

The Sound Green Events Team

Interested in submitting events on a regular, semi-regular or occasional basis?

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